Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rompy's Band

I keep not learning my lesson. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a post typed up and then accidentally hit the page back button, erasing everything I’ve just typed, sometimes obliterating a good chunk’s worth of time (like that expression? Made it up just now.)
So now I’m typing this in Word and I’ll try to continue to do it this way from here on out.
So let’s try this again…
Charlotte has been doing just awesome lately. I was standing in the kitchen yesterday, minding my own business when I felt something bump into my butt. I was going to scold Juanita for getting fresh with me but then found out it was CJ, come all the way over from the couch on her own to scare me!
She was quite the love bug yesterday. I wish I could have been there more to hang out with her but duty called as it does today. She’s becoming a little uncomfortably (at least for Dad) fond of boys! It’s not supposed to happen this early, is it? The shotgun thing doesn’t work so well when it’s her chasing them! Oh well. Guess I need to distract myself with work.
I’m finishing up details for one of the new classes and I am putting out a:
Call For Recycled Stuff!
We are gearing up for an exciting spring session at Romp n’ Roll-Virginia Center and Rompy loves to recycle (well, actually, he just likes to chew on things but…). Here’s a list of things we will need for our new class, “Rompy’s Band.” If you have some of this stuff just laying around, we’d love to put it to good use.
Oatmeal/coffee cans. Clean and dry with lids. Might have enough but can always use more.Shoe boxes with no “silly”cone packets¾ inch and 1 inch PVC pipe scraps. As short as 3 inches or as long as you have.Long cardboard tubes. Wrapping paper tubes, packing tubes, tubes that climb on rocks…no…wait…I’m channeling old commercial jingles.Foam rubber. Anything at all from packing materials to old shirt shoulder pads, a sheet of that stuff that goes on the walls of recording studios. Even the webbing that goes around fruit sometimes.Wine glasses. For the old “finger-‘round-the-rim-make-it-ring” trick so they need to be glass. You won’t get these back so make sure they’re old, unwanted, but still ring! JOld, defunct keys. Any old keys that are doing nothing but gathering dust in your drawers…uh…never mind. Just make sure they don’t go to anything important. Then again, if you just happen to include the key to your Ferrari…(there’s another song in there somewhere.)Old but functional musical instruments. Trombone, trumpet, fiddle, shawm (bonus points if anyone actually knows what that is. Super duper extra bonus points if you actually HAVE one), saxophone, etc... These you can have back eventually if you want them. No recorders! PLEASE NO MORE RECORDERS!!! I actually have about 150 recorders (ok maybe not that many but they seem to reproduce when I’m not looking. Then again, if someone had a bunch of new recorders for which they can’t find a use, they would make great little parental torture devices…I mean musical gifts for the members of the class).Megaphones. The little plastic ones you get at races would work great but if anyone has an big one from way back, it might be cool.Quilting hoops.New, clean combs. The classic, guy’s back pocket, little black comb.
Might need more stuff later but I think this is a long enough list already.
Thanks again to everybody!
p.s. We just got the first “bill” from the hospital. We just about fell over until we realized that there was a big “0.00” in the “amount due” box. Now we get to see just how good our insurance is. We have Humana in case anyone is curious and so far, it seems to be pretty awesome. We’ll keep you updated on that as well.
p.p.s. Charlotte is at the therapists office as we speak and Rachel just sent some pics via her phone camera. CJ’s doing a great job with that left hand! I’ll see what I can do about getting the new pics up.

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