Monday, February 16, 2009

We apologize for any delay in the updates. Between busy days and fouled internet connections, it's been quite an adventure.
She did not go to sleep easily last night and was up at 4 AM this morning. She kept complaining that her "bottom" hurt and we are quite sure that thanks to all her antibiotics, she has a yeast infection. We got her some lotrimin and are trying to push the yogurt but that's not her fave.
She took a small nap after her early morning adventures and then had a fun visit from Holly and her three kids! Then Grandpa and Juanita Bonita arrived and she has been cheery ever since. We have decorated her My Little Ponies with bows and barrettes, colored pictures, and listened to stories.
Speaking of listening, tune your radio dials to 89.7 FM tomorrow morning at 7:30. We have been invited to appear on American Family Radio for an interview. One of the station managers knows the Barnett family and used to work for Romp n' Roll. They have been following our story and want to have us on the air.
Tomorrow should be a busy day at Children's Hospital and I have to stop by the DMV to get our new handy-dandy handicap sticker for the car.
Gotta go answer some emails...

Feast or famine...I was just going to post this when Rachel posted hers. Sorry for any redundancy.
Had about as good a morning as we've had yet. Rachel had to get up with her early this time and is probably about to fall over.
Charlotte looked great this morning and has only needed a small amount of Tylenol the last couple of days.
We had a house full of people today including Uncle Kolbey who was officially watching her, and Holly Bingham and the "triplets" (not really triplets but might as well be!) who brought their amazing energy into CJ's space. Thanks a lot for visiting and sorry I had to abandon you.
Dad and Juanita Bonita are here and brought the case for the foamie hockey sticks! YAY!!!
I've been visiting other Caringbridge sights and I'm just amazed at the range and scope of situations. There are amazing stories of strength, courage, and recovery and those (mostly parents and spouses) who maintain the site in memorium long after the person has passed. And there are those of us in between just hanging in there.
I can hold my baby and let her fall asleep on my lap, like she did this morning, and for that I am so grateful. Others have not been as fortunate. Please keep the energy flowing.

Just a quick note to let folks know that you can go to the LINKS section of our Caring Bridge site for more information about how to get bracelets and how to access our Care Calendar. Since the grandparents are in town, we don't have a huge need for the Care Calendar right now, but we will try to let you know when needs have been posted.
I think we are "officially" out of bracelets although there are a few floating around at Romp n' Roll or at our house. More have been ordered and should be in soon. We have gone through 100 in about a week!
Must sign off for the evening as there is a big day ahead!

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