Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb. 5, 2009

Prayers for Charlotte

Another good and busy day. She was up at 4:30 AM (yawn!) complaining of pain but early morning PBS seemed to help. We put her in her wheelchair to eat breakfast this morning and she wolfed it down. Then it was time for her head CT. Auntie Retta and Aunt Phyllis accompanied her and it seemed to go fine. It was quick so she didn't require sedation. Then she napped for the rest of the morning.
Lunch came and she ate again. Then Shaaron visited for PT (i.e. torture) time. She worked really hard and Shaaron continues to be impressed with her progress. She is leaning more towards outpatient rehab now (yay!!!) Dr. Tye also came by with the results of the CT scan and it looks like all of her ventricles are functioning normally...or as normal as possible. She should not need to have a shunt.
Lunch/dinner arrived from the Ashland Community Preschool with yummy goodies all around. Charlotte napped so we were able to steal away for a meal. She is now entertaining guests and working with the OT.
With all this great progress, it still looks like a discharge date of maybe Monday or Tuesday. We are keeping our fingers crossed and optimistic that things will continue to proceed well.
Two of Charlotte's former teachers from Tuckaway stopped by to visit. They mentioned that they pray for her and family in Venezuela pray for her every night at 6 PM. They asked if we would also lay a hand on her at 6 PM for a blessing...and anyone else that would like to do so. 6 PM is the CJ prayer time!! (not that you can't any other time as well)
All for now..

Radio Show for Charlotte

Quick note that few of you will get in time or could even take advantage of if you DO get it, I will be on the air at WHAN 1430AM tomorrow at around 7:15am to talk about this whole thing. I used to have a show there and still help out sometimes with parades and all that jazz.Sometimes I would take Charlotte into the studio with me as I did my show. Charlie "I Cry" Taylor, a frequent guest, gave her the nickname "CJ the DJ" so they're concerned about her like everyone and they want to hear about her progress.Sorry, they're not quite advanced enough to have it on the internet. I'll try to record it though. The number is (804) 798-1010 if you want to harass us while we're on the air.Rog

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