Friday, July 24, 2009

All is Much Better

We all had a much better night last night and day today. We keep getting rides in ambulances and I think Charlotte is developing a thing for one of the "Ambu-Guys," Isreal. It must be the ponytail, goatee and earring. Hey, wait a minute!!! ::-)
The Bonitas are uber-helpful as usual. When we got settled in the hospital room, Juanita stayed with Charlotte and Dad and I went to get dinner downstairs. It was wonderful because I got to have Chick-fil-a for the first time in 2 weeks or so. It was also bad because I haven’t had hardly any fast food in that amount of time so the fried food sure did a number on me! Still working that out (so to speak).
Sitting down with Dad was so strange. Mostly because I wasn’t sitting next to Charlotte and I wasn’t freaking out about anything. And boy, did I feel tired!
So this am she ate a little and we had a relatively quiet morning. She still seemed a little sullen but her fluids sure are "fluiding."

The ambulance folk showed up at about 1:30 to take CJ to the proton center this time Isreal came with Laura (who reminded me a huge amount of one of our fellow Romp n’ Roll franchise owners). This time we got there very early and waited for about an hour until our appointment time. Grandpa held her on his lap for most of that time. She sure loves her Grandpa!
After she went in (with the accompanying rendition of Frosty. I hope she doesn’t get sick of it but her little hand out for “STOP!” just tickles the staff to no end) the Bonitas and I went back to The House so I could check mail (stuff keeps coming in, thanks), get a few things, and eat. Juanita made me some amazingly good stew and we were treated to another big o’ hairy thunderstorm that dumped a large amount of rain on our area.
Radiation treatment #3 went fine and CJ was in the recovery room when we got back. The Bonitas (isn’t that a kind of sport fish?) had to go check on the dog and awnings on the RV so they left planning to meet back up at the hospital.
Not much else happened until the ambu-guys showed up to take us back. It was Laura and Isreal again (that guy keeps showing up! Gotta go clean my shotgun! If I had one, that is). One thing I’m going to say about the drivers, they have to have super senses of direction because the maze that is MDAnderson Cancer Center is mind boggling. I do pretty well with directions and I’ve been so turned around multiple times, if I had been alone, I would have ended up like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.
Charlotte was actually feeling much better and was chatting up a storm. Laura had never seen the real Charlotte and was amazed.
So after we got resettled in the hospital room, Dr. Wolff came by to do what he does and work out what he thought might be a good plan of action. The short-term plan is to keep watching her at least one more day, do the new routine of hang out here, ride the ambulance ( Isreal is off tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about him!  ), and see how she improves. He was happy with the looseness of her legs but her neck is still stiff. She interacted with him pretty well and smiled for him. It definitely helps that he’s a friend of Dr. Kahn, “one of my favorite doctors!”
As far as the chemo goes, he is deferring to Dr. Mahajan (radiation oncologist) who feels uncomfortable having her on the multiple drugs for which her protocol calls so I think they will only be doing one. Dr. Wolff mentioned Acutane but that’s the one that really dries out the skin so that may not end up being the one.
After Dr. Wolff left, the Bonitas came back and Dad and I turned right around and went to the Target for sinus headache stuff for me (nothing happening now but just in case) and a Clifford video. We didn’t find one but I found a cheap Thomas video and one with several Nick Jr. characters doing bedtime stories including, but not limited to, Wonder Pets, Blue, and Dora. Perfect.
We got back to Juanita teaching CJ about swimming in chocolate pools (not a bad thing at all) and to say “AWESOME!” (could be a bad thing). She was feeling restless so we went for a walk!!! She was raring to go and didn’t have to asked twice. It’s the first walking she’d done since Wednesday and that wasn’t much. I guess it was the first real walking since Tuesday night.
The rest is actually nice and boring. The Bonitas left, Charlotte and I snuggled on the bed for a bit, I got into my jammies, and here I am typing the update. I can deal with boring for a few days.
There! Got it done in under 3 pages!

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