Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cleaning up from the POOP!

"When the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers." --Karen Blixen in Out of Africa

I woke up at about 6 AM this morning as I usually do. Turned on NPR, laid in bed, listened to the construction sounds outside our window (they are building a road and bridge near RMH and start working early due to the heat...just starting to take in the day. I got up to check on Charlotte and saw that while she was still sleeping, her diaper had busted full of POOP and had leaked all over the bed. I proceeded to get her cleaned up, including a fresh diaper, removed her nightgown, and moved her (naked except for the diaper) to my bed while I cleaned everything up. She went right back to sleep.

I went downstairs thinking that at this hour, we would have plenty of empty washers. My mistake. 4/5 of the washers were occupied (at 6:30!!!) and the other one was out of commission due to service needs. I went to ask the front desk attendant what she wanted me to do with the soiled mattress pad since we aren't supposed to wash that in the regular washers. She went ahead and took the pad and the sheets and put it in the commercial washer they use for the big jobs so my laundry could wait till later.

I went upstairs with a new pad and sheets, remade her bed, and heard Charlotte awaken, telling me the plot of some Wonder Pets episode. I fudged the NPO rule a bit so she could take her accutane with some applesauce. It was early enough that we should be ok. Then we got ourselves ready and headed into the clinic. I like our walks to MDA. It gives me a good chance for exercise and Charlotte gets some fresh air. We told Reh about the good news (yay, poopie) so the enema was off the table (hooray). They drew her labs. Counts are still low but OK and Dr. Vats checked her out. The stiffness in her legs seems better today so he wasn't too concerned. We decided to just keep going with the accutane the way we are giving it (rather than compounding it) and he gave some tips for helping us make sure we get the right dosage out of the capsule.

So we headed back to the house until our PTC appointment later today. Grandpa and Bonita are meeting us here with Charlotte's new scrubs. Daddy wanted her to have some scrubs so he found a pattern and Bonita found some cute fabric and she set to work. I think Daddy is getting a matching set. Rumor has it, Broncos fabric is on the way too.

She is now enjoying PBS (Word World and Barney).

So the prayers for poop can subside a bit. How 'bout just prayers for regularity? That'll do.

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