Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're in Houston!

Well, the flights were good, the weather is hot and humid, and the family putting us up for the time being is amazing. Thanks Meredith for this connection.

Charlotte was a dream and we couldn't have asked for a more well behaved girl.

We're currently staying in an area northwest of Houston called Jersey Village. Nice little neighbourhood, but oh, is Texas flat!

After we dropped off our bags at the house, we went to get some Italian food nearby. Then back to the house and some crashing.

I hate to admit it but I'm feeling a scratchyness in my throat that usually means a cold coming on. Great. There's also a gauntlet of pioson ivy just outside. Why are some of the coolest plants so dangerous?

As I said, our hosts have been wonderful, not letting us pay for any food or the Italian lunch. They also informed us that an "anonymous donor" heard our story and arranged a $1000 donation to the cause. WOW!

We had a great dinner of rotisserie (sp?) chicken (YUM!), fruit, and angelfood cake. Charlotte finally got to see the Tinkerbell Movie. Twice. It's actually moderately funny in places with some adult humor and good "bad" puns. CJ was glued to the TV for both viewings. Then she came into the bedroom, read several books we brought along and then zonked for the night.

Tomorrow looks like a Houston Astros-Washington Nationals game is in the works for us. Whether or not I cover it officially, we'll be there.

Thanks for everyone who came to the party last night. "Successful" is an understatement.

More positive vibes and supportive energy need to go out to another of the families I follow on CB. Zac Talley passed this week. Those DIPG tumors are wreaking havoc among the CB community. His site is
Time for bed for me. Need my strength.


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