Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Really Good Day

Today was a really good day for everyone, I think. We made it to church and then spent the afternoon catching up on various projects. I worked on some RNR stuff and even wrote a few thank you notes. Roger watched some tennis and golf and caught up on some emails, and Charlotte pretty much entertained herself with books, drawing, and (her new favorite) toting around daddy's shoelaces which she removes from his shoes. At least it's good OT practice.

We had a lovely dinner at the Smokey Pig (thanks to Gramps) and just got back.

We asked Dr. Khan if it would be possible to postpone the TX trip so that our first day in clinic (even though it wouldn't be the first day of radiation) would be the 13th. This would make coordination on all our parts much easier. He did email me back to say that would be fine.'s the plan:

We WILL have the Rompy's Summer Concert Series on July 9th at 5:30 in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot. Give blood at the bloodmobile in Charlotte's honor (if you can...they'll be there from 3-8 PM), bring some non-perishable food for the food bank, or just come out for a good time. The weather and the music should be GREAT.

We WILL have her birthday party on July 10th at 6 PM as originally planned. Tinkerbell theme. NO presents. Everyone come to romp n' roll and wear pink and/or purple. This will be her big sendoff.

We will plan to leave for TX sometime on the 11th. I am looking into flights right now. We have a few folks investigating some free options for us too but if it doesn't work out, Roger and I will have many other opportunities to take advantage with our new "commute". I will try to help get everything and everyone settled over the weekend, stay for the first day of everything on the 13th, and then catch a flight back either late on the 13th or early on the 14th. We will switch sometime on or around the 25th of July.

So now Roger and I need to get travel plans together, make lots of packing lists, figure out where we will stay while in TX, etc. etc. etc. Please be patient if we are minimally responsive to emails, etc. at this time.

Granny and Gramps plan to stay in VA until after I return from TX so that will help with the transition too.

That's all for now. Her comes Monday. What a week this will be!!!!


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