Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charlotte Admitted to the Hospital

I know everyone is probably chomping at the bit for some kind of update. I can't do it justice so Roger will need to give the full rundown but suffice it to say it's been a rough 24-48 hours or so for Roger and Charlotte.

Here's the brief update:
First day of radiation ran late and really long.
She got nauseous and started vomiting about 1 AM.
Had second day of radiation BUT also saw oncology doc and there were concerns that she might have some kind of bug. She got admitted to the hospital so they could give her fluids and monitor her progress. Hopefully won't be admitted for long.

That's about as much as I know.

Also (fortunately) Bob and Juanita are now in Houston so Roger has some backup support.

I will let him supply further details. Last time I talked to him, he was really tired. I'm hoping he got some rest.

As for me, I'm hanging in there. Working a lot and can't believe it's almost my turn to go to TX. Had a really good meeting with Dr. Matt yesterday (always helps) and work has been going well. I've had some great angels bringing me meals, flowers, and other bits of sunshine to brighten my days.

Gotta go get ready for another busy day.



Guess what? This one’s tipping 5 pages in Word! Rachel's post was pretty much IT in a nutshell so if you only want shells, that's all you need. Go get some coffee. If you want nuts keep reading. And go get a whole pot!
MAN! I hate it when I'm right (and I'm right so rarely I should appreciate it).

The last couple of days have been brutal. I haven't felt awake enough, or had enough free time while awake to post on CB but hopefully my little blurbs on Facebook helped some of you get at least a partial fix. Not sure I can make it long tonight. (Actually I didn’t. I had to put down the laptop and sleep. It’s now 4:45am)

So we're in the hospital. I mean the actual hospital, admitted for observation because Charlotte isn't eating and threw up four times today. including once right in front of Dr. Wolff.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday (Tuesday) started her proton therapy treatments and Charlotte had trouble from the start. We had to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to try and get her to eat something before she went NPO at 5:30am. No-go. She wasn’t interested and I don’t blame her. My problem at the time (and there were many on Monday) was that she wasn’t going to get to eat all day and there is always food floating around The House. I wanted to minimize CJ’s suffering by at least getting her to eat something. As I Said, no-go.
So I let her sleep and she didn’t eat all day. It really wasn’t an issue because she hasn’t been eating much and she didn’t ask for anything. Her appointment at the proton therapy clinic was (supposedly) at 2:30pm. On, it actually said 2pm and, as I have since found out, the clinic had 3:30. But I didn’t know that so let’s not taint the post too early.
She slept in again and I didn’t disturb her to make the time between awake and food as small as possible. When we finally got up, we did the usual, watch a video, go downstairs, play with shoestrings, etc.
I mentioned her “stiffening up” before and it has been slowly but steadily getting worse. I was going to mention it to the Drs. at Wednesday’s appointment. She’s getting to the point that she doesn’t like to sit up. She’s also very lethargic which isn’t a good sign.
There are shuttles that go around the medical center from The House and the only one that would get us to the proton center on time for the 2:30 appt. leaves at 12:45 so we had to take that one and get there early. Not a problem, I always have stuff for her to do. She hasn’t really been the mood to do anything except be held or play with shoestrings anyway.
So we got there very early and checked in. Who knows? Maybe they could get her in early. (Writing that now I think to myself, “you silly, na├»ve little man.”) At least they got her in to get the vitals. Then we went out the lobby and waited. And waited. And waited…(Remember the John Houston version of the story of Noah?)
Finally, at about 3:30, I asked someone to go check and they came back and told me they were backed up (REALLY?!?) and Charlotte is up next. Well in proton radiation-speak, that could mean a long time. Most of these treatments are at least an hour long, the place has a steady flow of patients, and there are three “gantries.” The hours stack up. Which is why we were sitting there at 4pm waiting for what was originally supposed to be a 2:30pm appointment. Charlotte never complained or told me she was hungry the whole time. She was not feeling well I could tell and I just bundled her up and held her on my lap while she slept and I stewed. It was a very hard time sitting there letting my thoughts spiral around like they will do when I get riled. It also let in the “what if” demons and a couple times I just about lost it right there in the lobby. What really bugged me was that no one seemed concerned enough about us to at least keep us informed.
And then, with a lobby scattered with patients, many of whom are almost assuredly NPO (couldn’t eat), one of the doctors actually comes out and starts offering people chocolate! WHAT?!? I’m sure it was a gesture made with the best of intentions but incredibly unenlightened.
FINALLY after 4:30 (Charlotte was going on 20 hours since she ate last), they took her in and hardly anyone apologized for the delay and the sorries I got were superficial and insincere. I was livid by the time I carried her in to the Gantry that I had a hard time even talking to anyone. I wanted to break stuff, call people names, and write nasty emails. They know from before that CJ love Frosty so they had the lyrics already printed out and waiting and even that didn’t help. Charlotte wasn’t feeling great anyway so we didn’t sing. I really wanted to appreciate the scope of what was about to happen to her but I just took a couple pictures and left. Man! I was mad.
Now that she was in, I could eat something and when I went to get a snack, insult was added to injury. In retrospect, I realize this is a very silly thing to get upset over and a waste of energy but here’s where my head was at the time: In a rare attempt to eat healthy, I was going to get something other than the honey bun I got last time and realized the only thing remotely healthy was a little bag of peanuts and I just didn’t want that. I noticed anything of any “heft” was $1.25 so I stuck my $1 in and pulled out another dollar to chase but the machine wouldn’t take more than one dollar at a time. I didn’t have a quarter. Apparently neither did anyone else around me. It didn’t take $5s. There was no change machine. Internally, I blew up. My thoughts went from dark to biggest, meanest, hurricane storm cloud black. Had anyone spoken to me, or worse, asked me how I was, I think I would have just screamed in their face uncontrollably. I mean, these guys are supposed to be the absolute best IN THE WORLD at what they do and they have taken pains to make the environment as calm and “healing” as possible but they couldn’t think of a little detail like a freaking change machine or machines that take more than a dollar?!?
THEN! Noone called me back to the recovery room once she was done so it was almost two hours later (reminded of the time by my lovely wife) before I popped my head in to ask what was up. She had already woken up in the back and was getting her wits back. Talk about “when it rains it pours!” Things kept piling up so much I was beginning to think I had been set up.
Breathe. In-out-in-out
OK. Now you know how my annual freakout works. As I’ve said in a previous post, it’s turned into a monthly occurrence. I’m actually keeping a close eye on myself to make sure I’m not seriously losing it. That in itself is probably a warning sign, eh. Need to ask Matt about that. I’m doing “guitar therapy” on myself, staying very focused on CJ (once she was out of my control was when I melted down so I will need there distraction of working at Romp n’ Roll all the time) and trying to stay connected to everyone. Not doing regular CB updates takes its toll too. I’m telling you, it’s therapy.
Moving on, I did write that nasty email to MDAnderson and actually got results. They actually have a patient advocate and she filed a complaint in our name which is fine especially if they refine their policies.
OK, I said moving on. Charlotte went through her first therapy with no hitches and when I got back to her, she ate a fruit cup. The process had taken so long, we missed the last shuttle back to The House so they called us a cab. It’s not far and only cost $5 or so. I’m not sure but the woman (and her little boy) who rode back with us paid the fare and wouldn’t take any money from me. “Next time,” she said.
When we got back, they were playing BINGO and giving out some really amazing donated prizes. Charlotte wasn’t interested of course and just wanted to go into the playroom. That didn’t last long and it was off to bed. Good because we had an early appointment in the morning at the main hospital. I was feeling pretty wrung out so I just closed everything up and was asleep by 10.
Now there are few sounds in the world that strike fear into the heart of a parent than the tell-tale gurgling of a child about to throw up; especially in the middle of the night. I heard those sounds at around 1am. It yanked me from my sleep but I wasn’t fast enough with the bucket it went on the bed. I held her up, let her finish, and then got her cleaned up and gave her a zofran. I also stripped the bed and started a late night load of laundry (Man, is THAT a nice perc of The House.)
She threw up again about 4:45 and once more at around 6 but there was no fever and I figured it was just a little side effect of the proton therapy. I think in the end might have been part right. After the last episode, we just got up and got ready.
We walked to the main hospital because for some reason, CJ refused to get out of her stroller to get into the bus. No biggie, I need the exercise. When we got there, what I thought was a regular Dr.s visit ended up being an opthomology assessment. It was a bust because by now, CJ has become the most anti-social, uncooperative patient ever. It didn’t help that the eye doc kept shaking toys in her face and asking her 5 questions in a row without waiting for an answer and she asked “bad” questions at that. Rachel would have had a field day with her. Finally, I had had enough of it and ended the pointless berating telling her we would have to reschedule. My observation: a drawer full of toys doesn’t make you good with kids.
Can you tell I’m becoming disillusioned with MD Anderson at this point?
Next I went next door full of my daddy self determined to get some answers and see some people who, for some reason, weren’t communicating with us after we made it abundantly clear multiple times that we needed that. I checked in, told the receptionist that I really needed to find out what was going on with the chemo schedule and what we needed to do next. She got us squeezed in to see one of the nurses who took blood from CJ and then they put us in a room to wait for Dr. Wolff whom I had already seen running around looking very busy. I wasn’t feeling optimistic.
Then Dr. Wolff went and spoiled my mood. He single handedly renewed my faith in our purpose by coming in relatively soon, bringing his crew including Nurse Reh, who is his version of Dr. Tye’s Joanne, and did what I like second best about him (the best being that he’s a darn good oncologist), he sifted through the crap around the story, compiled information in his brain out loud right in front of us, and in a very short time, convinced me that CJ was actually dehydrated, had a bug that was probably easily treated, decided to admit her for observation and noticed the stiffness without my help. He actually said it was a classic sign of meningitis or a related condition although he said if it were really full blown meningitis, she would be a lot sicker.
He also asked me questions about what I think! Imagine that! I told him the impression I had gotten from my discussion from Dr. Vats about the tumor growing and the cancer cells in the spine. I think what I said jibed with his discussions with Dr. Vats so he finally told me what he thinks. He doesn’t think the tumor has grown but he needs the previous scan to tell for sure. Dr. Kahn was supposed to have sent it but no one can find it. Rachel is going to try to get a copy on disc to bring with her on Saturday.
(And now for something completely different: my belly makes a great laptop table!)
OK, I’m back. Dr. Wolff also suspects the cells in the spine have been there longer than everyone thinks. Another clue that it probably isn’t growing. He also said something interesting. He had mentioned how busy they were and the lack of rooms and I said I was sorry for throwing a monkey wrench into his day.
“Nonsence!” he said. "She’s a sick child, I love to treat sick children. The sicker they are the better.” I don’t think it came out quite right but I know what he meant. He’s up for it.
He didn’t want to interrupt the proton treatments because if it was actually something caused by the tumor, he didn’t want to get in the way of that. So Nurse Reh arranged an ambulance ride for us! Charlotte got to ride on a gurney through the halls and then in an ambulance to the proton center. First time I’ve ever been in an ambulance too. No lights or siren though. Oh well, I’m actually thankful we didn’t need them.
Before we left however, they hooked up a bag o’ fluids to her and she got rehydrated. Talk about a difference! She perked up and became quite chatty. By the way, she can see fine. She can see tiny pictures up close and identified pictures out in the hall from inside the room.
Day two at the proton center was like Charlotte after she poops (I just couldn’t have a post with no poop references!), completely different. We actually got there a bit after we were supposed to be there but right on time for the appointment and they rolled her right in. I carried her in to the Gantry and this time she was into the singing of Frosty (me too). She even did the “STOP!” with her hand when we got to that part. Then the happy juice kicked in and the last I heard was, ”That’s my favorite {zonk!}
In anticipation of the upcoming slumber party, I took the MDAnderson shuttle back to the main hospital intending to walk over to The House to get provisions from the room. I called my dad to see where they were in terms of getting into town and they said they were just getting ready to park at the main hospital! That was handy. So we met up, drove over to The House and I got stuff. We drove back to the proton center just in time to go see Charlotte in the recovery room. When she woke up and saw Grandpa KATIE BAR THE DOOR! I hadn’t seen that much energy out of that girl in a week. She sure loves her men. Grandma Juanita Bonita was all over her too “gettin’ lots o’ sugar.”
We got another ambulance ride back to the hospital and got settled in to our private room with shower. By the time we got here, she had closed back down and I don’t think she’s very happy to be here. Nice facilities, though. That’s another post.
Last night she had some juice and this morning she ate 4 crackers, a large pretzel, and most of a bag of 100 calorie pack Girl Scout cookies so at least something is going in.
So here we are at 8:15am, she went back to sleep pretty easily after some Blue’s Clues. Can’t wait to show her the playroom here. Pretty boss dude! Think she may need a diaper change.


A relatively short update:

The end

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