Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Watched the Sunrise

Charlotte woke up bright and early this morning and we watched the sunrise through our window. It was pretty nice but already very hot so no chance of early morning playground activity.

A needs request: The Ronald McDonald House here is in need of fold-down, plastic, wall-mounted, Koala brand or similar diaper changing tables in at least the two downstairs bathrooms. All they have is a dresser in the hallway between the two that they call a diaper changing table but it has no rim or safety strap or anything. It's just a dresser.

I can probably install them myself and with my dad coming, I think I could probably enlist his help with that. If anyone knows of a company somewhere in the Houston area that supplies that sort of thing and would like to donate two, please let me know. I'll also work on it from this end.

Back to our story...After a while we went downstairs for applesauce and chocolate milk. We got a call from a friend of a friend who works at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and he offered to hook us up with some passes! HECK YEAH!

The Beazleys let me use their truck while they are out of town so I took the opportunity to head over to a nearby Target and spend some of the gift cards we've been given. some fresh books and videos for CJ and a new of cheap sunglasses for me since I can't find the ones I brought with me. I do that a lot. That's why I buy cheap ones.

Then it was off to the museum. (I'm getting to know my way around town pretty well!)

The museum was very cool and we got to see dinosaurs, a mammoth (maybe a mastodon - not sure), a giant sloth that makes the one in Daytona Beach look puny, animal displays that reminded me disturbingly of Night At The Museum, the very cool Terra Cotta Warriors, and the coolest of all, the butterfies. There were some amazing butterflies in there.

Charlotte pooped out before we could get to the Diamond display but she, surprizingly, liked the Terra Cotta Warriors mostly because of the horses they had. She also found the concept of someone made up like one of the statues and scaring the crap out of people as they walked by very amusing.

When we came back to The House, there was food being served by yet another organization and I chowed while she played in the toyroom. She's eating a little so I'm not hyper concerned but it ain't much. Applesauce, some dry cheerios, and she's drinking plenty. Stop obsessing Roger.

We came back to the room with our new found treasures and after a little Dora, she was out. For three hours.

We have most of the flights back and forth set with


Not sure what was up with the partial journal post. Must have gotten distracted. (Who, me???)

All I was going to say was that we got most of the flights booked with ride requests in to the Houston Ground Angels.

I wanted to let you know that it's now 11:45pm Houston time and Charlotte barely turned over to go to sleep 15 minutes ago! 3-hour naps will do that to ya. So she'll sleep in maybe.

I also wanted to share another story. A family of 4 daughters and their parents, the mother expecting her 5th(!) a boy this time, came to The House the day before us and we've been passing pleasantries and watching out for each other's kids and all that but tonight I finally met them.

The boy, Connor, is the patient! He has a blocked bladder and they have been perfoming surgeries (3 now) in utero to place shunts to help drain the bladder. Connor keeps pulling them out. Mom said the last sonogram was a pic of Connor with his eyes open, toungue sticking out, and the end of the tube dangling defiantly in his hand. I told her I want a copy of that one!

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