Thursday, July 2, 2009

Planning to go to MD Anderson in Houston

Not a lot of new news except that Charlotte's numbers seem to be improving rather than tanking like they were supposed to. She is just amazing!

She's been taking her icky medicine with a minimum of fuss. We've developed the technique of giving her a little bit of meds, then a little piece of chocolate, then more meds, then chocolate, and so on. Before she knows it, the icky stuff is gone and all that's left is the good (relatively) tasting medicine.

She had a pretty mellow day watching a video or two, playing with the shoelaces from my running shoes, and opening a box of birthday presants that came from Clampitville (Aunt B and Uncle Hairy). Very nice gifts folks even though we expressly said, "NO PRESANTS!" this year since she's got so much stuff already and has been getting presants almost constantly since "The Crap" began.

Speaking of Aunt B an' 'em, We got to chat with them via the Hopecam all the way from Hawaii. We (or rather "I") also chatted with the Prices for a short bit as well. CJ wasn't all that interested.

Right now, she's over at Uncle Kolbey's threading frog beads onto a string. She's getting really good at that again.

Rachel has been doing most of the work today, taking Charlotte into the clinic and then going in to Romp n' Roll for the afternoon/evening shift. I get to work hard tomorrow.

I took advantage of my free 90-minute massage today at Massage Envy. I was quite the noodle afterwards. I might get a membership because I really want that once a month! :-)

So...what the heck is on the horizon? We are almost assuredly going to MD Anderson in Houston for the proton beam radiation. We're still not 100% sure when we're going, or how we're going to get there, or where we're going to stay but there are sure a lot of resources out there of which we could take advantage. Thanks to all of you for forwarding those resources to us, especially Deb Price (Nile's mom).

There's a strong possibility we will have to postpone Charlotte's birthday party. Very disappointing but CJ's treatment comes first and we know we'll get the absolute best care at MD Anderson.

I've already contacted the Houston Ground Angels and they'll be helping out with getting us where we need to be. You want an organization that is worth a hefty donation? There you go. Here's their address:
Houston Ground Angels
P.O. Box 683127
Houston, Tx. 77268-3127

Here's the website:

There's a bowl of ice cream calling me.

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