Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Appointments Today

Oi! I keep not learning my lesson.

Had a really long post done and I had even highlighted and copied it just in case but the computer updated itself when I was doing something with Charlotte and restarted, which I guess reset the clipboard. Drat!

Suffice to say we had good appointments today including audiology and a followup with the Children's Cancer Center.

Charlotte will NOT have to be NPO for chemo which means she can eat breakfast.

Her topotecan will be administered via IV just like at MCV.

Her temazolamide (sp?) will be compounded into liquid form. (More chocolate for breakfast!)

She won't have to tace accutane while on proton therapy due to its effect on the skin.

They hadn't read the MRI scans as of her appointment time but it should be available on very soon if not already.

Tonight we are going to the circus at Reliant Stadium courtesy of THE HOUSE. The tree huggin hippie in me says we shouldn't go because of animal rights issues but the exhausted dad in me says my daughter will love it so we're going. I'll try to re-compose the long update later.

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