Friday, July 17, 2009

A Couple Days Off

Wow, a day off. A couple actually. I'm planning to have quite the weekend with Charlotte if she'll let me. I actually have a little planning to do.

Harry Potter was very good. They really messed with the ending so if you're planning to go see it, don't expect the book. There were at least two major plot revisions and one sizable inconsistancy that I think they did on purpose. We'll see how they resolve it in the last movie.

Merrilee said Charlotte was nigh on perfect and the easiest babysitting gig ever. I'm not surprized.

After the movie, I accidentally (there are no such things as accidents, right?) took the other exit out of the parking garage and found myself needing to turn around to head back to The House. I figured I'd just turn at the next light and head back in that general direction. That's when I saw the COSTCO. I found a COSTCO! And it was beautiful. Bananas, really good bread, Horizon organic chocolate milk, cheese, more cheese! AH! Some people need chocolate, some need drugs and alcohol. COSTCO helps me cope.

There's a carnival today after lunch and I'm thinking there's some mini skeeball in our future.

Charlotte is resting at the moment. Not sleeping but doing her quite, self amusement thing she does sometimes. She didn't want to leave the room today so I honored that. Her appetite sure isn't what it used to be lately. I did at least get her to eat a cup of applesauce. Fluids aren't a problem. The apple juice (thanks Merrillee) and the chocolate milk (thank you, COSTCO! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!...ahem...sorry) are flowing liberally and the diapers are heavy. No luck potty training but at least she's now letting me brush her teeth every day. Small victories.

I did laundry last night which makes me feel good. Especially the folding part. Very zen. I picked that up from Gregory Hines. Well, not PERSONALLY. He said it in an interview on 60 Minutes or 20/20 or something like that many years ago and it stuck in my head.

Gotta go plan the weekend.

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