Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Whirlwind of Developments

Hi everyone,
This has been quite the week and it's not even close to being over! Today was a whirlwind of developments. We simply got too antsy waiting for the folks at MCV to get us details about out treatment at MD Anderson so we started making our own phone calls and waddya know?!?! We got stuff done! We got our flights for Saturday, rides from the airport, a place to stay (at least for the weekend), a social worker at MD Anderson (who is amazing!), an appointment at the Proton Center, our "My MD Anderson" account set up, and a thin mint! I got the thin mint. Rachel did everything else. We still have some details to iron out including our long-term housing arrangements but it's definitely steps in the right direction.

Charlotte had a very good day except for when she fell on her butt coming in the door (no damage but lots of drama) and when Wyatt turned off the TV because he wanted CJ to play with him and she had a melt down.

Rachel took Charlotte to the clinic this morning and I got to do stuff at home and go running.

Charlotte had a good potty day as well! She told mommy her bottom hurt and Rachel took her to the bathroom and low and behold!!! She did both (pee and poop)! We are trying (slowly) to get her back into that idea of using the potty. Some new tinkerbell panties from Aunt B might just help things along. We don't want to rush things but...it's time.

While I was working at Romp n' Roll tonight, the rest of the family went over to Wyatt's for dinner (where the TV meltdown took place). It was a lovely evening, eating dinner outdoors in the "country" while the kids played.

Big events coming in the next few days. We'd love to see folks at the concert on Thursday in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot (5:30-7:30). Then Friday will be her party at 6 PM at Romp n' Roll. We have said no presents...AND WE MEAN IT!! She has more than enough toys and clothes. We just want to heap on the love! A HUGE thanks to Jeni Mauney (a Romp n' Roll mom and good friend) for making a cake for the party as well as to Roger's Aunt Lynn and the NM/CO crew for ordering her DQ ice cream cakes. We will have PLENTY of cake for everyone. Don't forget to wear your pink and/or purple in honor of the princess.

One final note I will leave you with: the other night as I was flushing Charlotte's lines and putting her to bed, she said, "Mom, you and Dad take really good care of me." Sniff, sniff, AWWWWW! That was definitely a sweet moment! Nice to hear her say that. I can't believe she will be four. What a journey this has been. I still remember that little 6 lb, 12 oz rocket baby that showed her stubborn strength from the very beginning. She has always been a fighter and we will continue to fight. She was born strong for a reason.

Ok, I'm done...

Rachel & Roger

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