Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Andther Good (and Busy) Day

Another good (and busy) day. Daddy and Charlotte were off to the Doctor as I went to work. It took longer than expected (what a surprise) but:
0. Her levels are all great, some even at "normal" levels
1. They decided to give another dose of Vincristine so she got her "Day 15"/"Day 8" anyway (a week late).
2. They agreed to send a copy of her protocol to the 7th floor (peds unit) for her chart there to avoid any further confusion (don't ask me why this already had not been done).
3. She will be back again next Thursday for a catheter insertion (oh joy) for another 24 hour urine collection.
4. Next Friday we start all over again with an early morning MRI and then admission to the clinic/7th floor.
Her afternoon also included a trip to Chick-Fil-A and some playtime at Romp n' Roll. Now it's Yo Gabba Gabba time ("What's your Talent???") and mommy's gonna see what we can find for dinner.
Did I mention Granny and Gramps arrive tomorrow? Yay! Hoping for a safe and quick trip up the I-95 corridor tonight and tomorrow!
Many of you have mentioned to us that Miss Virginia is currently launching a campaign to raise $500K for children's cancer. If she raises that amount by April 11th, she will be shaving her head! We are doing some "scoping" to see if she could arrange an appearance at Charlotte's party.
Here's the Link if you want to read more about it.

Update #2 for the day:
We have an important errand on the Care Calendar for strong backs and a truck. A dear friend and fellow music therapist has donated their old piano to us (long story) and we just need to get it to our house. They live in Powhatan. SOOO...we need someone with a pickup truck and strong back and another 3 someones with strong backs to meet at our house and then drive to Powhatan to get the piano and transport the piano back to our house. Our friend threw out April 4th as a possible date (a Saturday). Pickup just needs to be completed by 11 AM. If you can help, please sign up via the Care Calendar (see information for this on our LINKS page). Once we have everyone signed up to help, we will put everyone on the team in touch for coordination. THANKS.
Also, our good friend Reese had a wonderful article written about her and her family in the Mechanicsville Local newspaper. Here's a LINK to the article...
Roger and Charlotte saw Reese at the Clinic today and it sounds like she's doing well. You can keep up with her on her Caring Bridge site:

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