Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Day of Chemo

Here's your update.

Yes, it has been a LONG day but I wanted to try to get an update in before I hit the hay. Another long one tomorrow.

Charlotte and I made it to MCV a little after 9 AM and we finally got admitted to the 7th floor at about 3:30 PM. We hung out in the Hem/Onc clinic for most of the day with a brief respite outside for lunch (yay hot dog cart and park benches...oh and did I mention cheesy poofs!). Fortunately, the Hem/Onc clinic is like an amusement park/toy store with medical treatments going on in the background. There are lots of kids getting lots of different treatments but there is a DVD player/VCR/video game system everywhere you look plus toys and books galore so CJ was pretty well entertained.

The worst news besides the wait for a bed was that she actually has to have a foley catheter put in for the duration of the chemo since the methotrexate is highly toxic and can hurt her if it gets on her skin (i.e. through the diaper). We even have to be extra careful and wear gloves during diaper changes, etc. So putting in the catheter was no fun. She now knows what is coming so in anticipation, she gets upset and extra tense which, of course, does not make the process any easier. Sigh.

We did finally settle in well to our room which we are currently sharing with a little two-month old boy who is being released tomorrow. After sufficient IV fluids started, they started the anti-emetics (AKA the "no-throw-up meds"). That was when Daddy and Aunt B entered the picture and we traded places.

I wish the hospitals gave you little bar code key tags like you get at the grocery store for being a "frequent patient". They could just save all of my information in their files and then when they need us to check in all over again, they could just scan the bar code. Would save a lot on redoing many things. I do feel like an "old pro" now when it comes to navigating around the hospital, getting through security, and managing all the ins and outs of just being there. Hard to believe that the place was pretty foreign to me before about 6 weeks ago. I had been there a few times and knew the basics but NOW I know where the turtle is that Charlotte has to visit every time we pass through the Gateway building. Plus I know the quickest route to Chick Fil A from any point in the hospital. Hee hee...

In all honesty, for those of you who marvel at my strength and attitude at this time (and I do appreciate the praise and support), I have got to say that I'm EXHAUSTED. It's been a very tiring week...probably more mental than physical. We are happy to have Aunt B here and hopefully Roger and I can get a date in here one of these days. Maybe even with each other!! Ha ha!

I am off to Romp n' Roll tomorrow for what is the OFFICIAL last day of the winter session (sorry, Rog, but you forgot about Saturday!). And then 3 birthday parties. yay! Then I think 2 more parties on Sunday. Did I mention it was a busy weekend?

We have staff and volunteers covering our Bon Secours event at Memorial Hospital on Sunday. Know any moms to be? Send them out for free stuff!!

Much thanks to Kolbey. I came home tonight to a clean floor in the kitchen and clean bathrooms upstairs. Very nice!

Ok. That's it now, I mean it...
(Anybody want a peanut?)

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