Monday, March 2, 2009

Grassroots Activism!

You gotta love grassroots activism! Many of you have shared that you have passed along your own letters of support to government officials. Please feel free to contact our VA reps (if you live here in VA), President Obama, and other reps (if you live in other states) on our behalf. I have posted links to the websites of our Senators, Representative, and the White House on the LINKS page. There are Contact pages on all of these websites where you can send emails as well as "snail mail" addresses and phone numbers for those who wish to make contact that way.
We have had a somewhat lazy morning with the snow. Charlotte got out and got to "stomp around". Unfortunately, the snow was more powdery than we expected and not so good for snowmen. We will post pics soon (hopefully).
Gotta go help Roger change Charlotte's dressing. Fun!
Stay warm everyone!

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