Friday, March 6, 2009

Chemo Starts Tomorrow

Big day today. Last day of RNR's Winter Session, Aunt B coming in, and Charlotte goes in for her first chemotherapy treatment
Imagine the emotional turnaround when I first hear from Rachel that CJ gets to start treatment Friday. At first it was, "Yay! She gets to start chemo tomorrow!" Then it was the polar opposite as the concept hits, "Ugh, she starts chemo tomorrow." A sick twisted part of me heard The Price Is Right "YOU LOSE" music as I realized exactly what that meant. But as usual, I think the adults make it worse
CJ keeps amazing us and from what we've heard, kids weather the first treatment pretty well. We've been talking to her about it a good amount and the other day, Charlotte was overheard in the gym telling someone that she was going to get daddy's haircut. (see note below)
It's been just another of the totally surreal experiences leading up to this first round of chemo. Haggling with the insurance company, keeping the store going, dealing with regular, normal domestic hassles that seem so much less important and are that much more irritating because they really do have to get done.
In the "something-seems-silly-but-I-really-don't-want-to-deal-with-it-right-now" category, it looks like our monthly week of meals from Ashland Community Preschool is not going to happen. There are still members planning to provide some meals but I think I'll have to reassess our situation and do some more planning. I'll let you know what we need.
Just lately, we've been taking advantage of all the great gift cards that have come in like Applebees and Starbucks and Ukrops, OH MY! Yum and thanks to all for those.
As for the head shaving thing, I'm now growing the top-knot so please forgive any scruffiness on my part. When the official party gets planned (probably a Friday afternoon in April if CJ is feeling well enough) I'll have enough stubble to build a moderately respectable mound on the art room floor.
Another big event: The Shifflett's Birthday Bash is today and I can't tell you how excited I am to host it. Obviously, CJ can't be there but we'll have lots of fun and I'm sure the photos will filter back to her.
Gotta go do another marathon day at RNR and Mom has a marathon day at the hospital. Thanks to all who are writing letters and keeping the energy up. We kind of need it right now.

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