Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Discharge Pushed to Friday

Charlotte has taken a definite turn and it's probably not for the better. Aunt B was with her for most of the day (THANKS!) while Roger and I worked and while she seemed to have a really good morning, her afternoon/evening seemed to go slowly downhill. Her "color" is much paler and we are noticing dark circles under her eyes. Definitely the toll of the medication, I'm sure. As the evening wore on, she just kept getting grumpier and grumpier and I am sure she is not feeling her best.

Her stay in the hospital has been pushed to probably Friday (who knows???). Apparently I was a little off on the protocol and while the 5 day stay is an estimate, they can't do the 3 day chemo cycle that she is on now until the methotrexate reaches a certain level in her urine and that can vary dramatically in people (mainly due to metabolism). They said that in some kids, it cycles through quickly. In others, it can take over a week just for the methotrexate to cycle out so I guess we're doing "ok". She has completed her "A" day and we are on to "B" and "C" tomorrow and Thursday. So let's hope for a Friday release?

Meanwhile, Charlotte's parents are both fatigued (to say the least). Speaking of a "cumulative effect", I think it's just trying to keep everything in balance including work, the inevitable lack of sleep, and worry for Charlotte's well being. We are hanging in there and appreciate all the support.

I haven't checked in with Melissa lately but I know the Romp n' Roll stash of pink bracelets are almost gone (less than 10 left?) so I know we will have a new order pending soon.

Meanwhile, Aunt B has been cooking like a wonder woman and helping out a lot. We really appreciate it!

Gotta go get some sleep.


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