Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MCV an In-Network Provider

Good news: I got a message from Dr. Khan today that he is working on some paperwork that will (hopefully) allow us to use MCV as an in-network provider with our insurance. Keep your fingers crossed. Even if we get "our way" with this, it still drives me crazy that the insurance companies force us to jump through hoops just to get the care we need. Sheesh.
Off to MCV again tomorrow for tests and the insertion of a catheter for the urine sample. Thursday is the big day (hopefully).
I am tired so will make this short but she has had a great couple of days. Roger and I actually talked with her a little today about what the next few days have in store for her. She seems to understand (to the extent she can) and asks us lots of questions. We are definitely deep into the "why" phase of life. Her latest "bit" is to ask "what kind?".
An example:
"Mom, where are we going?"
Romp n' Roll
"What kind of Romp n' Roll?"
The one at Virginia Center
"What kind of Virginia Center?
Etc. etc.
It can get a little tedious. But oh is she adorable!
Gotta go catch some zzzzsssss

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