Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Insurance Dance Continues

Charlotte got the catheter this morning and Rachel says she was very brave. She also got the baseline set for her hearing (let’s hope it doesn’t change much).
The insurance dance continues. Now we come to find out that ALL the chemotherapy is considered “out of network.” Rachel only learned of that by chance from talking to Dr. Kahn. So Rachel was on the phone with Yolanda from Humana Benefits trying to figure things out. At one point Yolanda (very politely and trying to be helpful) says, “You could just go to St. Jude.” There is no “just going to St. Jude.” I’ll tell you what, if we do go there, I’m camping out at the Elvis Presley Archive. (Anybody know someone in Memphis who needs a singer?) There are other possibilities as well. I'll let Rachel update you on all that.
Dr. Kahn has stated that he will start filing papers to get this cleared up but it takes a very long time to process so unless we can somehow get it expedited, we won't be starting chemo tomorrow. Which means that the whole catheter thing was unnecessary.
Keep writing those letters and send the positive thoughts our way. Our frustration level is rising.
Got some Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap and I understand there are some materials on the way. Thanks everyone.
Charlotte Bracelets are in! We will probably have some at the front desk but there are so many ordered, we will most likely have to put in yet another order! This time for 1000!
Volunteer needed!
This Sunday, Bon Secours is having one of their baby expos at Memorial Regional Hospital. With all the things going on in our lives, both personally and professionally, I was just going to let it happen without us (me) but then remembered our amazing network. So I thought I’d put out the word.
The commitment will be from about 2pm-5pm at Memorial Regional on Meadowbridge Rd off of 295. Building 1.
Please email us or call my cell if you are interested (540-220-4922). Thanks a ton in advance.

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