Friday, March 6, 2009

Charlotte has Been Having a Great Few Days

Very sorry to have to tell you that the event at Glen Allen Golf has been cancelled. They'll still be open I believe (call first).

Not a lot of new stuff about Charlotte. She's been having a great few days and we won't have any kind new road map until Friday at the earliest. That's when we meet with the team to figure things out.

Rachel says she has noticed a possible and very slight decrease in her ability to spit words out off the top of her head so there is a perceptible (however slight) change over the last couple of weeks. The words she DOES get out, however, are still amazing.

Just to address a few questions people have asked us:

They are all discussing our case widely with experts from all over the country so we're getting second, third, fourth, etc...opinions. We really feel like we're in good hands.

We should be getting the webcam laptops set up at home and at "Montessori House" so CJ will be able to see her friends very soon. I'm sure if any of you have webcams and a Skype account, you'll be able to visit too. It isn't anywhere near as good as hugs but it will have to do for now.

Whenever we start the month of radiation, we will need to call on our friends and family a good amount to either stay with her or occasionally take her to treatment since it will be an everyday thing. Tuesdays will definitely be high maintenance as both of us are scheduled with Romp n' Roll activities that day. After this Friday, we'll have to reassess our needs and then adjust the care calendar. Stay tuned.

With the kaibosh on the Glen Alen Golf (Thanks anyway, Dean and we'll pick another night soon) tomorrow holds the next "event" which is massages for mom at Romp n' Roll. Lori Raybold will be back tomorrow from 1:30-8:00pm with both her chair and her table so Mom can get pampered either way.

Chair massages are walk-in and can last from 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

Table massages are 30 or 60 minutes and must be reserved. Plan to arrive 10-minutes before your time.

Lori is offering a really great deal for us so poke and prod your significant others to sign you up. It's the least they can do for a hard working mom! (Call the store to reserve your time)

Friday is our Mom's art project and Saturday is the Chick-fil-a Cow Drop at the Hanover Airport.

Then next week we start all over!!!

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