Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update from the Hospital

Good morning again.
Here's something I thought I'd never say: I had a great night's sleep here at the hospital. The recliner chairs they have in these rooms are pretty bad for the back but I used a pillow for a little lumbar support and that seemed to help. Had a dream about being a politician chased by the mob.
Charlotte slept better than I did. She ate so much yesterday that now we need to see some movement from below. I came out of the shower this morning and the room smelled pretty ripe so I thought she had pooped but it must have been just gas. Hopefully it's a precurser.
Mommy came by last night and we had a semblance of family time. Lots of holding each other, staring at Charlotte, talking about Charlotte, catering to Charlotte's every whim. Well almost. She still had to take the medicine.
The hope is still that we will go home today. The Hem/Onc folks have to come by first (about 11) and check her out one more time.
And now for another completely unsolicited review:
Assante's Pizza near downtown Richmond
When the nurses could only find some French bread pizza, which CJ wanted no part of but was very yummy this morning, I was handed a 3-ring binder with lots of restaurant /take-out menus.
I had only one request of any pizza joint: There needs to be lots of crust on the end.
I called Assante's and the guy was pretty honest that they didn't necessarily have a ton of crust on most of their pizzas but the pan pizza was pretty thick. I made him assure me again there was a good amount of crust
and ordered a large cheese pizza delivered.
(note: normally, delivery places have to stop off at the Gateway area of MCV, next to McDonalds, and call up for you to come down and get it.)
Well, the pizza came quick, was still very hot and the service was very good. I took it upstairs and opened it to see what I had ordered. It's very much like a Pizza Hut pan pizza but thicker. Not as much crust around the edges as I'd hoped but it sure smelled and looked good. $11.99+ tax and they have take-out specials that are worth the trip.
After letting it cool down, I gave a small piece to CJ and she made me take off any little bit of sauce and cheese. But once she started nibbling, she was off! she snacked on the pizza all night! Cheese, sauce, and all. It's interesting how her associations work. As sson as she tastes it, she's fine.
So, verdict is...lots of CJ thumbs up.
Dr. Gouda (sp?) just came in and reiterated that we're most probably going home today. Need to start packing.

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