Monday, March 23, 2009

Such a Good Day (for a change!)

Such a good day (for a change!) Mommy worked in the AM, Daddy worked in the afternoon, and Charlotte had a great day! We spent the day at home with her and we walked to the park, she had some impromptu ''PT" on the stairs, slides, and swings, we visited with Granny Dot, and she was in a very good mood most of the day. I think she wore herself out as well because it's barely 7:30 and I think she's already asleep! All the better for Roger and I to get some quiet time of our own this evening (I'm thinking movie???)
On a more urgent note, we are still in need of someone to watch her tomorrow morning from about 8:30 (ish) to about 1 (ish). We had a few options for childcare and nothing has seemed to pan out. Anyway, if you can help, please call us at home this evening. Most of you know the number. You can email me if for some reason you don't have it...
i'm sure we will get it all figured out. Only 3 more days till Granny and Gramps (and katrina) will be here. YAY!

Quick update: we found someone to watch Charlotte tomorrow so we are all set! Thanks!

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