Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27th, Dad's Birthday

OK, so I'm doomed to lose at least one post per week. Let's try it again.
It's March 27th. Dad's Birthday. Happy Birthday! CJ has a little something coming to you in the mail.
I was saying that every good day that Charlotte has is such a gift. I have really come to appreciate every day as it comes especially knowing what's coming up next week.
Today she took a couple walks with the grandparents before the rain moved in and then ran up and down the hallway at Uncle Koldey's house like a wild child.
In a great example of just what we're willing to do for our little princess, at dinner tonight, Charlotte was shoveling in dinner and came up to the broccoli and cheddar on her plate. She wanted to eat the broccoli but not the cheese. So Gramps gathered up all the broccoli, rinsed it off and delivered it back for her to eat, which she did. And not only did he rinse off the broccoli, he did it twice.
For those who were wondering, the Youtube videos of the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet are back up and now all 6 are there. Here's the link to the search page:
Please remember Megan Blake as you send out the positive vibes. She had her second round of chemo this week. Katie came to RNR and was her usual adorable self.
Off to West Virginia tomorrow for a date with Southern Horizon. Taking the new guitar. Thanks Aunt B and Uncle Not-So-Hairy.
Gramps is already doing yard work so for those wanting to help with that, you'd better get over here and tie him down or there won't be anything left to do. Good thing it's raining. :-)

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