Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Good Day Overall

Hi everyone,
Another good day overall. Charlotte has been having some very good days lately and we've been enjoying them profusely. Rachel got her hair chopped big time! Looks good. I'll let her fill in any details from today but the big thing is that the 'rents are here. Granny and Gramps arrived safely at around 2:00pm. I heard CJ shared waffles and other food items with Gramps. That's their thing.
Got some dates for you all.
March 27th-Grandpa's B-day!
March 28th-Uncle Tommy's B-day and the Community Appreciation Day up at Miss Alyson's Countryside Childcare up in Ladysmith. Romp n' Roll donated something to the silent auction. If you're up that way, stop in and say hello.
April 4th-Primrose School in Atlee Commons Spring Fling 10am-1pm. They're raising money for A.S.K. in Charlotte's name. We (Romp n' Roll/Virginia Canter) are supposed to provide a play area inside the school but I can't be there the whole time so I need someone there to referee kids, hand out literature, and be an overall Romp n' Roll cheerleader. I can set it up and then come back afterwards to tear it all down and Rachel can be there around 11:30.
As usual, any help is appreciated.
As far as fun-raisers go, hold Wednesday, May 6. Glen Allen Golf (about a mile or so north of us on US- 1) just agreed to have a "spirit night" for Charlotte from 7-10pm. There will be many ways to participate. A portion of sales for the night will be donated to the cause. Here are some of the costs/donation amounts:
Adult Mini Golf $7/$2 donation.
Child Mini Golf $5.50/$1 donation.
Large Bucket of Range Balls $11/$3 donation.
Batting Cage 6 tokens $8/$2 donation.
There will be a longest drive contest and "closest-to-the-pin" contest
Dean from Glen Allen Golf is also donating some very nice things as door prizes for the head shaving party on April 10th so make sure you go in and thank him. Don't necessarily grovel at his feet like I did but make sure he knows you're grateful.
May 9 is the Chick-fil-a Cow Drop at the Hanover Airpark. We'll have a booth but as is becoming more and more the case, I have a gig that day way out of town (at the Mainstay Theater in Rock Hall, Maryland) so I won't be able to stay for long. That was a very fun day last year.
OK, I think I have most everything here. One never knows and maybe Rachel will insert anything I've missed.
Time for bed.

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