Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not a Bad Night

9:17 AM
Wednesday morning. Not a bad night.
When I got here, I ran into the dynamic duo (Mom and CJ) touring the 7th floor. Both were definately not having the easiest time. Made me feel good to brighten their evening even if just a little bit.
After Mom left, Charlotte and I read a little and went for another walk./ She was pretty uncomfortable just sitting in the room.
We met Leah's mom in the lounge and got her update which is not great. She was the one who was seriously injured in the car accident coming back from the ski vacation. The MRI showed brain damage and it has been confirmed that she's paralyzed from the neck down. Before our experience here, I would have just said "Wow, that's too bad." and written her life off as kind a waste. But after seeing things here and recent developments on the news, I can't help but be hopeful for Leah and her family. Might be wishful thinking but mom is extremely positive through it all and I look forward to keeping up with her progress and expect good things. Either way, they could definately use our positive thoughts and energy.
Nurse Andrea, who started off dubiously the night before, was a dream last night. There were several diaper changes, vital gatherings, and liquid exchanges both ways and she never woke Charlotte. I was up everytime but that's just me.
CJ is stirring, gotta go put on Sesame Street.

2:18PM Update
Leah's page is on Search for leahaveryporterfield.
Looks like we'll have to file a grievance with the insurance for the stem cell/bone marrow transplant. Dr. Kahn tried to get the insurance on board for having MCV in network but it's not going to happen. More on that when I get more time to write.
Right now, Aunt B is here and I need to get to Romp n' Roll for evening classes.

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