Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Update

Quick update:
I feel like I have been on the phone or managing stuff all day. Between tech support for our DSL (that did NOT get fixed with an onsite visit today), other business related stuff, and other misc. phone calls, it feels like I haven't stopped. What time is it?
Anyway, the main update is that we have determined that Dr. Khan and Charlotte's oncology care at MCV is considered in network and if all goes well, we will start chemo tomorrow (Friday). We will get everything with the stem cell stuff worked out and have a few options including:
0. Our rep from Care Connection is talking to the VA insurance commission to see if they can intervene. It seems ridiculous that there is no Virginia hospital (especially a teaching hospital) on their "approved" list.
1. Dr. Khan has a peer-to-peer meeting set up with another doctor who works for humana and hopefully they can work things out without filing a formal grievance.
2. We have the "formal grievance" option if none of that works but the good news is that we can start chemo and have time to deal with the stem cell issue.
Miss Charlotte is much happier now that the catheter has been removed and she has been a busy bee today, making pictures, "wrapping" presents with paper and decorating the wrap and being in all other ways a busy and adorable preschooler.
Gotta run and be busy some more...
Thanks again for everyone's ideas, comments, support, and help. I noticed on the news last night that the topic of health care is hot, hot, hot on the agenda in DC right now so this is a great time to make your representatives aware of how frustrating our current system is.

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