Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update from MCV

11:22 AM
I don't have a whole lot to report but I know folks will want an update. When I last spoke with Roger this morning, she was still running a fever (kept down as long as she has Tylenol) and had still not passed any stool. They are holding off on the enema as long as possible because if it causes a tear in her intestines, it will make her very vulnerable to infection, especially since her platelets are so low. I think they are looking at another blood transfusion as well. She had a pretty rough night and keeps sleeping very fitfully. Lots of belly pain. Poor thing!
I'm headed to the hospital now and will relieve Roger.
Thanks to everyone for the words of comfort and thoughts. We'll try to keep you updated.

6:23 PM
No positive progress to report.
She is still trying to "push" that poop through. Unfortunately, anything that they have tried has really not worked. They are trying to give her a very strong laxative (stronger than miralax..I think it's called lactalose or something like that) but the last 2-3 doses they have given her have just come back the way they went in. This is probably because she is so "backed up". Very frustrating. I have heard a few toots and smelled some definite methane but otherwise she's just miserable.
A few specific notes of thanks are in order:
0. To Heather, our child life specialist, for trying in vain to program the universal remote and THEN finding the actual remote for the DVD player so we are not just limited to stop/play/open functions on the DVD player.
1. To Pastor Ed for coming by and visiting and saying a prayer for healing.
2. To Monica for stopping by to say hi and bringing me a yummy banana coffee! (even if she was asleep at the time)
I will try to update when there is news. Keep praying for poop!

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